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World's Best Cat & Dog Muzzle

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Small (yellow lace): Small cats, kittens and very small dogs                      
Medium (blue lace): Normal sized adult cats and small dogs
Large (Red Lace): Big kitties and small dogs*
Muzzle Set: Set of all 3 sizes (small, Medium, Large)


  • * The World's Best Cat & Dog Muzzle fits a variety of small dog breeds including Pugs, small Terriers, Dachshunds, Chihuahuas, etc.
  • If you have ordered the World's Best Cat & Dog Muzzle before, please see Note at bottom of this page regarding the sizes of muzzles.
  • Replacement laces sent at no charge, just send us the request.




8 lb. Siamese wearing Small Muzzle

 10 lb. DSH wearing Medium Muzzle

18 lb. DSH wearing Large Muzzle






 Taking radiographs




Long-Hair Dachshund wearing Large

 Long-Hair Dachshund wearing Large

Yorkie wearing Large


Chihuahua wearing Medium

 Pekingese wearing Large

Small (yellow), Medium (blue), Large (red)

**Note**: Beginning 2/23/2007, the names of the muzzle sizes have changed. The sizes were formerly called Small, Large and X-Large and are now called Small (yellow lace), Medium (blue lace), and Large (red lace).